15 Best Grammarly Alternative 2022 [Free & Cheaper]

Looking for Grammarly alternatives? Better than Grammarly? Here is the Best Grammarly alternative FREE of cost and some cheaper price options.

What does it take for a write-up, article, or report to meet the expectation of the reader? Well, considering all the facts, an idea, a brilliant thought, and proper use of words can make any write-up, article, or report a perfect one.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how fluent we are in English, we end up making blunders and typos are mostly inevitable. All these errors cause trouble for the readers and embarrassment to the writer.

But, as it is said, “Better to be safe than sorry,”. You can technically proofread your document and correct the mistakes before the reader even finds them out. Many people use article rewriter tools to rewrite their content, but I totally recommends using a grammar checking tool before publishing that content.

For a very long time, we have been using the Grammarly tool to check grammar, spelling mistakes, and plagiarism. But, many other devices offer the same feature as Grammarly and can be a good Grammarly Alternative that can provide extra brilliant features too. These tools may be or may not be free to use, but they are best in their own way:

Grammarly tool is used by more than 20 million people around the world. It is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool that helps the users to strengthen their writing and say what they really mean. It uses a variety of advanced technologies like machine learning and deep learning.

This tool consistently breaks the new ground in natural language processing (NLP), to deliver unparalleled assistance to the users. This is free to use and is compatible with almost every platform

Best Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly Alternative #1: 1Checker 

It comes with brilliant proofreading, and it uses artificial intelligence to detect spelling errors, grammar, and style mistakes. It works on a contextual learning methodology that offers the best suggestions about the wordings. And, hence, it is a powerful tool to help you polish your article.

It comes with a fantastic dictionary that can play an essential role in boosting your vocabulary. It is compatible with windows and macOS and offers plugins for MS Word and MS Outline. It is free to use.

It uses artificial intelligence to check grammar and punctuation mistakes. It also works perfectly well in spotting and eliminating spelling errors. This tool makes sure that your report, article, or any write-up is free from a blunder. It comes with easy to use interface with a minimalist looking design. It is free to use and saves your proofreading time.

Grammarly Alternative #3Grammar Checker by SmallSeoTools

It is an advanced web application and one of the best free grammarly alternative that features a massive database of written words, synonyms, alternative words, and International standard grammatical rules. This online grammar check tool ensures that your write-up is free from a blunder. It features various proofreading tools like Word Counter, Translate, Paraphrasing, and many more. You can use it directly without any registration, and it is free to use.

You can Try it Yourself, Click Here.

Grammarly Alternative #4GingerSoftware

This software works on patent-pending technology that allows users to correct grammar mistakes, spelling, and misused word mistakes. It will enable contextual Spelling correction and corrects the grammar concerning subject, verb, and agreement. It provides high accuracy and more personalized suggestions.

It lets you choose from British or American English. It is compatible with macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc.  It is free to use, but certain notable features are available in the premium package.

This tool is one of the best alternative to Grammarly that will immediately highlight spelling errors. It can be used to check grammar and spelling errors. It can also check stylistic issues, and it offers suggestions for sentence formation and vocabulary. It supports English Dialects and proofreading any text with the help of this stool is easy.

Grammarly Alternative #6Reverso

It is one of the most reliable grammar checkers available in the market. It features all the necessary tools and works on removing common grammar errors. It makes use of the Neural machine translation, which gives this tool the ability to translate languages fast and accurately.


This tool automatically revises the text to get rid of spelling mistakes. Moreover, it is equipped with a fully integrated dictionary that will quickly find out synonyms and will boost your vocabulary. It is free to use and is compatible with web browsers.

Grammarly Alternative #7LanguageTool

This Grammarly alternative is a simple, open-source, privacy-focused spell checking and grammar correction tool. It is quick when it comes to basic errors and problems. It is available in a developer API subscription.

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